Assignments are designed to help pupils consolidate their classroom learning and inform teachers of pupils’ progress of learning in order to ensure the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

Pupils should submit their assignments on time so that teachers can give timely feedback and, if necessary, make improvement. Pupils’ work will be marked by teachers or peers, depending on the nature of the assignments. For more details, please refer to Appendix 1.


  • Homework should be assigned daily as a reinforcement of the subject matters;
  • Homework should consolidate what pupils have learnt in lessons but not over-burden pupils;
  • Homework should cater for learners’ diversity;
  • Homework should consist of items for training high-order thinking skills and creativity.

Use of writing medium for doing assignments

  • For P.1 to P.4 students, they should use a HB pencil for doing homework and corrections.
  • For P.5 to P.6 students, they should use a blue-ball pen for doing homework and 
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